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Step 1: Select The Version Of DenChart That Fits Your Needs

Based on the number of periodontal exams performed each year, please use the suggested chart below to select the best version of DenChart™ for your practice.

Number of Periodontal Exams per Year:

1 - 500: QuickStart Edition
500 - 1,300:Standard Edition
1300 and up:Professional Edition
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DenChart™ Professional Edition Enter Number of Operatories/Licenses:

Enjoy the benefits of:

Voice Data Entry that Works

15 Types of Exam

Complete Perio Summary Report

Ideal for medium to large practices that perform 1,300 or more periodontal exams per year and have multiple operating rooms and/or locations. This package has our full line of features and power.

DenChart™ Standard Edition Enter Number of Operatories/Licenses:

Enjoy the benefits of:

Variety of Exam Features

Data Entry Modes like Keyboard and Florida Probe

Multiple Chart Display Options

  • Ideal for medium sized practices that perform 500 - 1,300 periodontal exams per year and have multiple operating rooms. If you perform more than 1,300 periodontal exams per year, have multiple locations, or need to increase your ROI, we suggest the Professional Edition.
DenChart™ QuickStart Edition 1 Operatory/License:

  • Exnjoy the benefits of:
  • Chart Quick Conditions
  • History Comparison
  • Basic Reports
  • ...and much more!

* Ideal for small practices that perform 1 - 500 periodontal exams per year and have 1 operating room. If you have more operating rooms or perform more than 500 periodontal exams per year, we suggest you upgrade to the Standard or Professional Editions.

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