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Case Study – Is Voice Charting In A Multi Office Myth Or Reality?

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In this case study we take a look at a large multi location dental practice and their implementation of periodontal voice charting software.  Over the span of a year, we explore what is involved in the installation, training and use of voice charting software in a multi-office geographically dispersed dental practice.   Is the ability to use voice activated charting in a multi office practice myth or reality?  Let’s find out!

The Problem
Upon unraveling the dynamics of voice activated charting in the dental industry we came across a practice that was dissatisfied with the inability of their current charting software to run their practice and the inability of the software’s voice activation feature to work effectively 100% of the time.  Their current software produced many roadblocks to completing exams due to the inability of voice data entry to work on a large wide area network.  This produced frustration amongst staff and patients.


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